Sunday, August 3, 2014

Editorial: On Tuesday, vote No, No, No, No and No : News

Editorial: On Tuesday, vote No, No, No, No and No : News

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In a letter opposing Amendment 1, the so-called “right-to-farm” constitutional amendment on Tuesday’s ballot, former Lt. Gov. Joe Maxwell shared a sentiment that applies to all five issues before voters:

“I have always held the view that our Missouri Constitution should be amended only in the rarest and most compelling of circumstances,” wrote the former state senator and lieutenant governor. He also happens to own a hog farm near Mexico, Mo., a pertinent fact, as we shall see.

Here are the two questions we suggest voters ask before voting on each of the five amendments before them: One, what is the compelling state problem requiring a change to the constitution? And two, if a problem exists, will this change provide a lasting solution?

The answer to both questions as it relates to each of the five ballot initiatives, is no. We’ve already shared in detail our reasons for opposing each of them, but Mr. Maxwell’s point helps bring them all into focus.

None of the ballot issues were brought forward by citizens, which is rare. They are on the ballot because the Missouri Legislature, and the special interests that control it, want them there. In most cases, the only reason they are on the ballot is political gain. Again: Just say no.